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"In my 24 year career, no one has had a more powerful impact on me professionally than Dr. Susan Workman. I met Sue through a webinar she led for the Illinois Principals Association in April of 2015. The subject of the webinar was Professional Learning Communities. I had been interested in PLCs for quite some time but hadn’t had any luck with workshops I had attended in the past. After the webinar with Sue I felt like I finally understood what a professional learning community looked like and the impact it could have on my students and staff.

I contacted Sue immediately after the webinar to see if she would be interested in forming a partnership with my district. She agreed and we set up a training schedule that began in May of 2015. Sue first met with our administrative team for a 2-day workshop. Day o
ne was a basic overview of the PLC process and a get to know our district session. Sue returned 5 days later with a detailed plan specifically for our district. The next step was to get our Team Leaders involved and interested. That didn’t take long, at the completion of the 1-day training; we had buy in from the group.

The next step was to get our staff trained and ready to begin our journey together. We invited Sue to one of our institute days prior to the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. She led a wonderful training with the entire district that ended with Sue visiting each team to provide guidance and answer questions. Then on August 19, 2015 Fox Lake Grade School District 114 began our journey.

I can’t begin to explain what a tremendous resource Sue has been throughout the past 8 months. She has been available via Skype, email and by phone. Sue is 100% committed to the successful implementation of our professional learning community. She has challenged me personally as a leader and I’ve never been more excited about being the principal at Stanton School. Sue’s knowledge of PLCs and her ability to teach and challenge are second to none.

The best thing about being a PLC is knowing that 10 years from now we are still going to be a PLC. We are already seeing positive results. Teacher collaboration is at an all-time high. There is a buzz in the building that is contagious. Thanks Sue!"

-Jeff Sefcik
Principal, Stanton School, District #114

"I first met Dr. Workman at the IPA Principal Conference last fall. I sat in on her breakout session about PLC's and found out we had something in common with Somonauk. I started my teaching career at Somonauk H.S. back in 1994. Even though we did not work together there, we have stayed in contact throughout the school year. She has been a great resource for our school as we just started using the PLC model at our school this year. She came to a School Improvement day at RCHS and worked with our Academic Committee, as well as speaking to our teaching staff. The suggestions and ideas that she gave us have helped to get us more focused on student learning. We also created a PLC Mission & Vision for both our staff and students moving forward into the 2013-14 school year."
-Tim Ricketts, Principal, Reed-Custer High School, District 255

"Dr. Susan Workman is outstanding. Before speaking with Dr. Workman, the process of looking for a job was very overwhelming and stressful. Dr. Workman is a very honest, resourceful, and kind individual whose passion and love for helping others is evident. She has been an exceptional mentor and has guided me in the right direction in finding a job. The insight that she provides helps her teaching candidates stand out amongst the others. She has strengthened everything from my resume, cover letter, interview responses, and more. 

Dr. Workman has a gift of identifying and enhancing one’s strengths and gives effective strategies to be successful when looking for a job. She has helped increase my overall confidence when enduring the interviewing process. She is very accessible and allows herself to be available for additional questions, comments, or to simply follow up on how you are doing. I would highly recommend her services, because she has a plethora of knowledge and experience that can help one find their dream job. I am forever grateful for her sensational services."

-Barbara Buckley, Special Education Teacher at Grayslake Community High School District #127

“When I was just finished with student teaching, I moved back to Illinois and felt lost in the job search process; everything felt impersonal and no matter how many online applications I filled out I just could not catch a break in scoring an interview. That was until I started meeting with Sue. Sue took the time to look over my resume and give me great professional advice on how to best promote myself. Her background knowledge of what principals are looking for is undeniable. Sue gave me advice on how to get involved within schools to best build my experiences for future jobs I might have. Even though I did not have a teaching job right away, Sue helped me to figure out how to still be involved in education to build my experiences and get my name out there.

Once I finally started to get calls for interviews, Sue met with me for interview practice. She introduced me to some programs I was not familiar with prior to going into the interviews so that I was not blindsided in the actual interview. She gave me constructive criticism on how I could improve my interviewing skills and gave me a good feel for what I could expect in the interviews. 
I have been on about 10 interviews this summer and one thing was common throughout all of them--each employer complimented me on my composure, confidence, and well-thought answers I had during the interviews. Even though not every job worked out, I left each interview knowing that I was the best prepared that I could have been and I had no regrets about my preparation, and that was in many parts due to the assistance I received from Sue. 

I FINALLY caught a break and found a job for this coming school year and I know in my heart that I owe a lot of my success to Sue. She stayed with me through the whole process and truly cared about how I was doing before and after interviews. Her dedication, sincerity, and immense knowledge is something I could not have done without throughout my process of breaking into the field of education. 

I am so thankful for her help and know that Sue is going to go on to help so many future teachers find their place in the world of education. She will go above and beyond to help you! I highly recommend her as a mentor. Even though I have a job now, I will continue to reference her for professional advice due to her numerous years of experience in the field. I strongly recommend any teacher searching for a job to work with Sue Workman. She will give you the confidence and knowledge you need in order to take this next step in your career!”
-Annie Lauter, St. Charles IL

“I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Workman for over fifteen years.  She was an early mentor to me during my high school years and she also served as the superintendent of Somonauk Schools, for which my mother was a Second Grade Teacher.  As someone in the midst of a career transition, my decision to contact and consult with Dr. Workman proved invaluable. Even though I’m a credentialed teacher, I have not taught in a classroom in nearly ten years. Dr. Workman helped shape my teaching portfolio, gave me the new “buzz” words to learn, and helped me develop a strategy to get hired.  Her advice and support gave me the courage to quit my previous career and I am now working diligently to achieve my goal of teaching secondary education. 

Too many people enter the job market without a thorough understanding of what administrators and educators want in a new hire.  Dr. Workman’s services shed light on the hiring process and she gives useful tips on how to get that application to the top of the pile!  “
-Phillip Ash, Chicago IL

"After deciding to move back to Illinois to be closer to family, I began the process of developing a new portfolio that showcased my five years of experience as a teacher. I needed principals to know who I was as an educator by looking through the artifact that displayed my teaching values.

I began by writing out exactly what I do in the classroom for every stage or process involved in teaching. I plugged in some classroom pictures among the paragraphs of text, thinking that I had clearly explained who I am as an educator.

After sending it to family members who are teachers, I felt confident because of their kind remarks. My mother-in-law suggested that I have Sue review the portfolio since she had the same eye principals would have viewing it. I took my mother-in-law’s recommendation and met with Sue to listen to her advice on how to make my portfolio stand out positively to a principal. Sue thoroughly reviewed my portfolio from beginning to end before my meeting , which truly shows her professionalism. Taking the content I had written, Sue suggested ideas for visuals that would make my portfolio stand out to a principal. She clearly explained that principals only review portfolios for a small amount of time, and by representing my data through visuals instead of the lengthy text, I would be able to quickly grab their attention. After meeting with Sue, I had several incredible ideas to implement when revising my portfolio.

After making revisions to my portfolio, I applied with the Chicago Public Schools. I interviewed with two different principals, both who complimented my portfolio and “leave behind” artifact, another one of Sue’s great ideas. While interviewing, I felt confident displaying the charts and graphs Sue helped me create. The two principals loved the visuals and could quickly tell who I am as a teacher. After the second interview, I was hired!

I truly believe that I had great success in quickly finding a teaching position due to the suggestions of Sue Workman. She understands what principals are looking for in new hires and is willing to share her knowledge. "
-Stephanie Whalen
susan@theteacherguru.net  |  630.240.4697
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